Intel S2600CP FRUSDR - Faulty fan or something else?


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Jun 2, 2020
I have the Intel S2600CP with 2 cpu's installed, both cooled by alpine 20 plus co.
My fans were always running pretty silent after doing FRUSDR and setting only CPU FAN 1 & 2 to be installed.

However, suddenly after a reboot they went 100% and the system status led was blinking amber.
I tried to fix it by doing the same with FRUSDR, but when it finished with SDR, the system status led goes green for a few seconds and then back to blinking amber.

When I tell it that:
- CPU FAN 1 is the only one installed, it's loud and blinking amber LED.
- CPU FAN 2 is the only one installed, it stays quiet and green LED.
- CPU FAN 1 and 2 are installed, it's loud and blinking amber LED.

In all configurations, the fans both spin. Although, one seems to be faster.

Any ideas how I can figure out what is wrong?
Bad fan? Bad motherboard? My stupidity?

Edit: I looked into the BMC Web Console and found this when both CPU FANs where set as present.


Edit 2: I swapped the fans from position, and the other one started showing critical health. I guess I'll be ordering new fans.
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