intel e5-2698 v4 ES QHUZ for $325-less than $400


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Aug 22, 2016
qhuz | eBay

I just went over old saved searches and found these. I got my pair back in 2017 for $600 each. so this is pretty good price.

they seem to be locked down at around 2-2.3 ghz for both single and multicore. they also do not turbo much from 2.0ghz. the highest frequency i hit was 2.3ghz. it's like one of those ES cpu?

but the multicore performance is pretty decent:

QHUZ: Asrock X99 Taichi Performance Results - UserBenchmark

faster than at multicore than e5-2686 v3 QS: Asus Z10PE-D16 WS Performance Results - UserBenchmark

but slower than overall but a lot cheaper than e5-2696 v3 QS: Asrock X99 Taichi Performance Results - UserBenchmark

I think for $325 to less than $400 is not a bad price if you are into multicore v3/4 cpu and want a cheaper ones. and you can also run them in dual cpu mode.

Obviously you want MB that will let you run ES cpu. My choice was the asus z10-pe d16 which dual cpu work in windows 10 nicely with sleep supports. i think supermicro works too?

it might not be cost effective against the lastest amd and intel cpu if you are only running single cpu with low core usage with less than 128gb ram needed. AMD 1920X is slightly faster in multicore and a lot faster in single core for around $280.

But if you are into multicore needing to use ecc ram and more than 128gb it might be good enough. dual qhuz will handily beat 1950x in multicore (see the cinebench attached. qhuz is cpu 0000. 1950x multicore is the same performance as dual 2696 v2) and be able to use a lot more ram.Untitled.jpg
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Feb 26, 2016
I have a spare Z10PE-D16 WS and Z10PC-D8 if someone wants to run two of those CPUs.