Intel Drivers for many older motherboards, RAID cards ect were recerntly deleted!


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Apr 28, 2018
Recentl y Intel removed ALL support (drivers, BIOS, etc) for many older products. These are propducts which are still in use by many pewople, yet Intel has deemed them obsolete and decided wqe just don't need to keep around the drivers andsoftwarew because that wouldf bew way too convenient for thosde ofus who lack the funds to buy a $10,000 Enterprise Server!

The Intel Sandy Bridge Xeon, such as the E5-2648L shows it is over 7 yeasrs old but is still listed as "Launched" by Intel. I use two of these, they work great! However motherboard are rare to find to fit them! Some things at Intel last even longer, but desktop boards were supported 3 yearts, then we just got downloads of old software, which is now gone!

Intel had removed drivers for several older pieces of hardware, it is Intel's belief that hardware they deem obsolete just shouldnb';t be used anymore, just throw away your money you invested in all that and go out ad buy a $3,000 processor, $700 motjrboard,new Optane memory, etc. They don't care that average user is still using server equipment WAY beyond when Intel calls it obsolete.

Come on, a Sandy Bridge Bridge LGA2011 is WAY faster (8, 10, 12 cores vs limiting us to 4 lousy cores) than most of my "Desktop" processor systems. Of course I'm usin old hardware, but try and find a nmotherboard for those processors! By the time I can afford a server processor the motherboards are long gone! Guiess the only choice now is AMD!

I have some downloads from Intel before the removed them, I have my own server. If anyone needs any of them e-mail me at, I will gladly disseminate anything I can to help out fellow enthusiasts (because Intel won't). Downloading from Intel was nice, safe, etc.,, but they leave us no choice.

It probably violates their licenses, but Intel got rid of all thatsoftware, itydoesn't exist!, so what "license"? Sounds like fair game to me, I'll take the risk! Go ahead Intel, sue me! See how much you end up with...

Intel products which I have limited download / software:

Intel 7600 NVCMe

Intel AXXRMS2LL040 / 80

Intel DQ57TM

Intel DQ77KB

Intel DQ77MK

Intel DX79SR (also SI and TO for some)

Intel Phi 3120A

Intel RES2SV240

Intel RMS25CB080 (and 40)

Intel RMS25PB080 (and 40)

Intel RS2MB044

Intel SD1200V3RPL

Intel S2600CP

Intel S3420GPL Family

Intel Sasuc8i


Intel Wireless Centrino for Desktop

Int4e RAID Controllers Supporting SAS/SATA Technology

Intel RAID Controllers Supporting SAS Technology

Intel Server Board S3420GPO

For once my neurotic personality and general distrust of the human race has led me to prepare for this! I've been filing away drivers, updates, etc for years and didn't know why. I hope this will help people. I can upload any of these to Google Drive or something since Intel can't be bothered with them, won't spare a TINY bit of electricity and server space for older hardware... the above, excluding ISO's (1.8GB) is 13.2GB of data. Intel really can't spare that? I'm stuck housing and distributing them now? Intel, just send everything to me, I'll co-locate a server to do what you hace failed to do!

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Feb 19, 2014
I got a little lucky locating an intact archive copy of the BIOS I needed by way of the wayback machine; it actually seems to have archived some of these binaries directly from With a little fiddling around I was able to come up with an download URL that produced the mobo BIOS I needed, final version, as of just a couple of days before intel stopped serving them. And yes, the MD5 sum matches.
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