Intel D-1518 build for PFSense 10Gb SFP+ router


May 14, 2011
It is finally time to updgrade my old Draytek 2130 wired router. It served admirably for nearly 10 years, and can maintain 700Mbit hardware NAT throughput to WAN on my 1Gb Comcast internet, but it is showing it's age with slow VPN encryption and old VPN security standards. And I guess my new router should handle 1Gbit WAN, just because.

The rest of my network consists of a Netgear GS716Tv3 managed "Layer 3 lite" switch, and an Artemis APA1300M 2X2 MU-MIMO wave 1 wireless access point of modest performance. While I do see an approaching need for 10Gbit ethernet capability to support my RAID HTPC/NAS, and a future 802.11ax 8X8 MU-MIMO ceiling access point when both 10Gbit ethernet and 802.11ax become mature, I won't replace these pieces of the network today due to lack of technology maturity, although probably in a year I can upgrade.

On this network I run three SiliconDust TV tuners, a media server, a few laptops, a desktop PC, a VoIP phone, smartphones and tablets, and security cameras. All the screens can stream up to UHD media from the RAID HTPC/NAS, so high bandwidth usage does occur.

I would like to replace the router now. It might be nice if it offered SFP up/down links for future proofing

I'm thinking of going straight to x86 hardware like the Supermicro X10SDV-4C+-TP4F-O D-1518 Xeon with 2 each 10Gb SFP+. This is presuming SFP+ makes sense for the two relevant connections; switch uplink and cable modem (adapted to 1Gbase-T for now), which are all located in the same equipment rack. The switch will need to distribute 10Gbase-T over CAT6A to an access point, server PC, and home office with a small switch and PC.