Inherrited a Promise Vtrak E610F - Need to reset password

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    As the title states, I have a Promise Vtrak E610F array and I need to reconfigure it and monitor it.the default password has been changed on the unit and there is no documentation about what it could have been changed to. From what I can tell, the normal process for resetting the account is to open a support ticket with Promise and then they will give you a special file that you TFTP into the unit and that allows you to reset it. In order to open a support ticket, I need the serial number of the unit. I can't seem to find the SN anywhere! I've looked all over the thing and it's nowhere to be found. I tried booting the unit while consoled into it and the SN doesn't display. Tried booting into the special diagnostic mode and it doesn't display the SN either. Does anyone know what else I can do to either locate the SN or to acquire the file I need to reset the unit? The name of the file I need is apparently confuser.img

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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