IDRAC power consumption when server is powered off?


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Apr 12, 2016
Oslo, Norway
Does anybody know what the power consumption of a Dell server is when the server is off but with IDRAC running?
In particular I am interested in 12 and 13 gen systems such as R720/R630/R730 if it matters.

The reason for asking is that I am thinking about getting a server to put at my parents' place as an offsite backup and potentially lab server for running a few VMs. But since I would not use it every day I would prefer to have it powered off most of the time, and then I just log in to IDRAC to boot the server remotely. If I have misunderstood and this is not possible please let me know.


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May 27, 2019
Austin, TX
This post says an R710’s iDRAC uses 13 watts when the server is off.
Just to clarify the R710 servers uses 13w total when powered off not just the idrac module.
The 710 series were separate modules though vs built into the motherboard I imagine the power draw is a bit higher but not a substantial amount.