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    I'm fooling around with a Dell R610, I need a controller that I can upload ISO's onto the server with. I seem to have an old idrac standard card. Can someone help me out with the card I should be using that I can get an ISO uploaded with?
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    There are 2 cards, iDRAC6 Express (which should be standard on an R610 - on lower models like R310 it is optional) and iDRAC6 Enterprise. Note that Enterprise plugs into a different spot on the mainboard and is an add-on, not a replacement for the Express - you need both of them on the board.

    Enterprise gets you remote console, dedicated LAN, SD Card [advertising link] support, etc. They seem to be going for around $6 on eBay [advertising link] these days. Note that to store OS images on the SD Card, [advertising link] you need Dell "vFlash" cards which have "magic footprints" to work in the iDRAC6, and are allegedly 100% over-provisioned. The Vflash cards start at around $10 on eBay.

    Be sure to update the iDRAC6 to the latest firmware version (2.91 as of when I posted this).
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