Identifying Risky Counterfeit Intel Gigabit CT Network Adapters

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    That sticker in the middle that says "NEW" is an Amazon inventory sticker - the X0022JVU8T is an Amazon ASIN. However, it appears to be "on hold" at present because looking it up says to try again later, or to log into my seller account (presumably, only if I'm the seller). So I think this was at least a "Fulfilled by Amazon" marketplace seller, if not Amazon itself.

    There used to be a problem where Amazon items and 3rd-party items of the same model got the same ASIN and shelved interchangably, resulting in "Sold by Amazon" sending out occasional fakes. I believe they changed things some years ago to keep Amazon's own stock separate from "Fulfilled by Amazon" stock, though.

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    It simply is the case that Intel cares more about their profit margin than their reputation. A simple solution to this would be for them to put Yottamark stickers on their OEM cards as well as their retail ones and realize that OEM cards do end up in the hands of individual purchasers. The fact that they don't Yottamark their OEM cards means that the per-sticker cost savings is more important to them than their reputation.
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