ICX6610-24, 2x Fans/PSUs, 4-post rack kit, $200 + ship

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by Wolfstar, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Wolfstar

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    Nov 28, 2015
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    All racked and has base configuration, though I'm going to require some serious downtime to reconfigure my 6450 into a mixed stack. Interestingly, it's not significantly louder with both PSUs running, though unplugging one (as expected) really makes the remaining PSU scream as long as the PSU is installed. However, in that brief moment beforehand, it gets a lot quieter, and I think I unplugged the Rev C, so I'm going to play with it a bit. Maybe I've got a loud Rev C.
  2. nev_neo

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    Jul 31, 2013
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    I have one, and it gets pretty loud when all ports are in use. I had it loaded up with all 16x10gbe ports connected (for testing) and it started getting pretty loud. But speeds remained pretty good.

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