HPE proliant thin micro server TM200

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Apr 9, 2013
This looks like a sweet server. I hope we could get it in north America

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Mar 9, 2017
871467-291/HPE ProLiant Thin Micro TM200 Server Xeon D-1518 2.20GHz 1P/4C 8GB メモリ ディスクレス モデル 871467-291/210071517030091161

HPE PartSurfer

HPE ProLiant TM 200 (Xeon D-1518) 171,000 yen March 9
HPE ProLiant TM 200 (Xeon D-1537) 212,000 yen March 9
TM200 Stand Kit ¥ 8,000 March 9
TM200 wall mount kit ¥ 8,000 March 9
TM200 Storage Expansion Box 8TB 229,000 yen March 9
TM200 Storage Expansion Box 16 TB 412,000 yen March 9

HPE ProLiant Thin Micro TM200 | HPE 日本
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Jan 10, 2014
Thanks for sharing.

This little server will be great for me to deploy to multiple branch offices. The D-1537 able to support up to 64GB Registered Ram. Expansion box to hold up to 4x HDD which total of 6 HDD.

Hopefully it will launch to worldwide soon, not just Japan.
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Jan 6, 2016
Originally launched a long time ago as a device but only with managed services, maybe HPE now will sell stand alone ? I like their stuff so could be worth the premium on some instances.
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Mar 26, 2013
only 1 expansion bay and all driven by onboard SATA. decent replacement for the microserver.

if there was only a SAS option and a SAS pass through for the storage trays...

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May 21, 2019
I picked up 2x of these EC200a units with the goal of running ESXi on them (7.0b/7.0U1). It was running it for a few weeks with no real issues on a Samsung Fit Plus USB 3.1 32GB drive, I have had one of these fail in the past, and they get set to read-only, it appeared that this happened to it so I bought 2x Sandisk 32GB Ultra USB 3.0 drives. I'll install ESXi, and sometime's I won't be able to install it, sometimes I can fully boot it after a install, sometimes it crashes in the BIOS, and sometimes when it boots, it seems to stop being able to write to the drive after a boot. (Adding it to vCenter, adding a vDS, etc doesn't "stick")

I ran over to Microcenter and picked up their cheapest 120GB SATA SSD, and it works great and reliably every time... The kicker, I want to be able to use both SATA ports now for storage (vSAN, but that's for another day).

I've actually tried a total of 5 different USB drives, and they all have similar issues, one of them is a cheap-o Sandisk USB 2.0 device. This happens with either of my 2 power bricks, and on both EC200a boxes. I was expecting to see SOMEBODY here having an issue, but it appears to be just me.

TL;DR: USB drives seem incredibly flaky for booting on the EC200a

Thoughts? Anyone else having this issue?

Edit: I should mention that I'm on BIOS v2.66 (07/19/2019) on both boxes, am using ILO4 2.75 Advanced, and the "desktop" Windows ILO client for all of my interfacing with it. Maybe I should just try hooking up a VGA/KB for all of my interfacing with it.

Edit #2: I thought I was on the EC200a thread. My witts aren't about me anymore. I crossposted there, sorry.
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