HPE Microserver Gen 10 Plus - VSAN


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Aug 29, 2020
Is anyone using the Microserver Gen10 Plus with VSAN? I know the Microserver Gen 10 Plus is on the HCL for ESXI, but I'm not seeing it on the HCL for VSAN so before committing to it, I wanted to see if anyone is using it. I know the onboard SATA controller has to be in AHCI mode as the S100i isn't supported but since I'm looking at VSAN anyway, I wouldn't want the S100i to do anything anyway. I dug around and wasn't finding anything so I figured I'd ask, any info, good or bad? Thanks.


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Jan 6, 2016
Not really a useful thing for vSAN, you need 10G networking and so on.
If you just want something off HCL to play with then maybe but yeah not even the most useful system for that.

If you want small and on vSAN HCL I think some of the supermicro X11SDV systems are on the list, with inbuilt 10G and many more chances for NVMe then the make more sense (and more noise)

look at this to get some ideas. (Also decent rdimm ram is cheaper even if the systems cost a bit more)