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    I was asked about this and did some research and couldnt find anything but is there a limit to the number or type of raid groups on this card (other than the limit of drives)? The HP docs describe the raid types but nothing about the number of array groups (i didnt thing there was but couldnt find anything saying that) - so as an example with 8 drives could i create a raid 1 with 2 sas drives, a raid 1 with 2 ssd and a raid 5 with 4 sas or sata drives (all drives being the same size in the respective array).

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    yes that is a legal configuration.

    I have had HP servers with 100 (single disk) raid 0 groups on older controllers, so the number of RAID groups should not matter.

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    There is a max qdepth per lun and a max qdepth per controller... You will run into a practical limit of luns due to the max qdepth the controller can handle. which iirc was 1024 on the p420. It may have gone up with the AR440 but I don't know. That said even with that "low" limit you won't find it to be a bottleneck unless you pack it with SSDs.

    It can probably handle anything you want to throw at it... but you could probably find a limit if you just sliced all of your arrays into tons of luns...
    1m iops on a mid end controller is pretty damn impressive.
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