HP Gen8 DL380p - rear drive slot ports not recognizing SSDs


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Jun 18, 2022
I have a DL380p where i'm trying to coax life into the 13th and 14th S-ATA connectors that are on the back side of the LFF front. Normally these are used to attach two extra drives in a rear drive cage, but since this is a Datacenter spec without those i was hoping to simply connect two SSDs to the ports:

In order not to lose two storage drives for a trivial modern boot drive setup. They do however, unsurprisingly, not show up in the Smart Storage Administrator utility. After consulting /r/homelab it's starting to dawn on me that these need some sort of trickery to work... Since the only reference i can find to these HDD13 and HDD14 connectors is here from @audiophonicz , i thought i'd try my luck. Any ideas?


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Apr 26, 2016
Turku, Finland
I know it is a bit late with the reply, but looked around and i don't think you will get power from HDD connector 13 as when i look at the cable kit for the rear HDD cages this is the name of the kit:

Rear drive cage cable kit687956-001Mandatory
SATA cables
Sideband signal cable

And after looking up the partnumber and looking at pictures of the cable it seems more correct that it do not carry power from HDD13.

So to make it work you will need to get the sata power from some other location. So if you still want to test you can try taking the power from the DVD drive connector that should be next to the coin cell battery and just have a sata cable to HDD13/14, as when i look at the pictures for the DVD cable that looks more correct and it have cables both on the sata and the power side of that slim sata connector.