Hp branded Samsung SM825 SSDs, cannot access


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Sep 19, 2019
A buddy of mine and I occasionally go in on buying out small lots of servers and network hardware from companies that close and are sold locally at auction; refurbing it and using it or re-selling on the cheap to friends. (a few of which probably hang out here) ;)

Recently we got a lot from a shuttered IT consulting firm that included a small box full of HP 200GB eMLC SSDs. Seem to be re-branded Samsung SM825s. While small they are attractive for their heavy write ability. These are all brand new in packaging.
HP model MO0200EBTJU
Model MZ-5ea2000-002 f/w HPG2

Seemed like these would make a nice little OS array. The problem is, nothing seems to want to talk to these. We see signal on the SATA bus, but no info. It's not a 3.3v problem at least. these draw on the 12v AND the 5v lines.

I'm assuming there is some HP controller required to work with these. At the moment I don't have access to any HP servers or SATA controllers to test these out. I'd love to find a way to re-flash them with the Samsung fw, but I won't hold my breath. I've been asking around for an HP SATA controller to borrow to see if these start working. They came on sleds that appear to be for higher density servers.

Anyone seen these before? Looks like Dell also OEM'ed these as well, but those appear to work offboard from Dells from what little I can find on the net.


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Aug 1, 2016
Can you see the devices in linux, but not access them, or not see them at all? They might be formatted to 520b sectors.


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Jan 6, 2016
Usually no issue to use HP drives with a normal sata port. As mentioned 520b formatting may need to be 512b.
What did they come from ? A storage system or an standard DL/ML server or some Unix type server ?


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Aug 30, 2019
SM825 is a very old model released in 2012...maybe the PFP capacitors are dead because of long time storage without powering on.