How to install Napp-it on OI Hipster 2019.10 GUI + Must I really reset root password after install?


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Dec 2, 2019
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TL,DR: Questions are in bold.

New OpenIndiana GUI user here (since yesterday .) I'm a bit confused by the instructions in Section 3.1 (page 9) of the setup PDF. Since I already have sudo installed, I assume the remaining steps are:

pkg install gnu-coreutils
pkg install unzip
pkg install wget
wget -O - | perl

Is this correct?

Also, the instructions also say:

reset root pw after napp-it setup to create an SMB PW​

Is this really necessary? Or just a holdover from a previous version? Coming from BSD and Linux I've never had to reset my root password before, and I've already done it once since I installed OpenIndiana. Just wondering if it's something I actually have to do (also, if anyone could explain why I have to do it, that would be great.)


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Dec 31, 2010
About setup
There are three editions of OpenIndiana. For the minimal edition, your steps are correct. For the text and gui edition (and OmniOS that is similar to OI text) you can start the napp-it wget installer directly.

About root pw
The napp-it installer configures the kernelbased SMB server. After this a passwd root does not only creates a Unix passwort but also an SMB password with a different structure in /var/smb. If there is a SMB passwort for root, you can SMB connect as root and set permissions for all user, files and folders. This is why I suggest a (re)set of the root pw.
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