How to import Lenovo FoD key without IMM, just using StorCli


Sep 9, 2016
I have purchased FoD Authorization code for MegaRaid M5210 CacheCade feature I desire.

During "online" activation CacheCade feature on Lenovo site, Lenovo requires my server to be on the list of "supported servers". I find that very strange since purchased feature is for upgrading controller not server itself.

I could take the card to a friend company, use his server and activate feature but I find that totally retarded.... I simply want key code so I can use storcli:

sudo storcli /c0 set aso key=AAAAAAAABBBBBBBBCCCCCCCC

I know no one can help with this - and certainly not Lenovo (tried, it was kind talk to a wall) - I wanted to share experience not to buy software FoDs.... It's a lot better getting LSI cards since feature activation on LSI/AVAGO/Broadcom is simple.

Good luck

PS: Does anyone understands structure of the Key File ??
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