How is Napp-It on Linux these days?

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Mar 17, 2017
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I heard Napp-it was porting to linux, saw some people discussing it from a few years back. Is this still part of the projected trajectory of napp-it, due to the waning proliferation of Illumos and Solaris?

I've been mainly using Linux these days since now that Samba doesn't suck quite so much ass, it's just got so much more attention paid to it in regards to developer hours.


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Dec 31, 2010
Napp-it on Linux is still working but main platform with the full feature set especially around the multithreaded SMB server, Clustering, S3, iSCSI or jbod disk maps remains OmniOS and Solaris. Main reason is the "it just works without hassles" especially OmniOS on updates (a stable every 6 months, lts releases every 2 years or the security or bugfix updates every 2-4 weeks) with a dedicated repository per release and quite the lowest resource needs for a ZFS filer.

The Linux version offers those features that rely on the zfs and zpool command or Perl like the job features ex remote replication with all the keep and hold retension policies ex keep a snap per hour for last n hours (or days, months, years) or hold last n replication snaps or all for last n days.
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