Home SteamLink+Media+RemoteDesktop server from a gaming rig.

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May 18, 2020
I currently have a Gaming Desktop and an R710 home media/NAS/lab server.
The other day I was looking at my setup and considering my power usage when an abstract though occured.
I currently use my desktop more for watching my media that I do for actually playing games but still like to fire up SpaceEngineers, CIV6 and GTAV ever now and again.
Would I be better off removing the R710 from my setup, using my Desktop as a server and use a thin client (I have an old supermicro workstation that is very lower power use) and use Steamlink for when I need to play higher spec games.
I've used steamlink upto 4K on my samsung TV and that appears to work very well.

Am I completley off base here? My PC is on most of the day while I'm using it and the r710 is on all the time as well.

I would miss things like iDrac but I could always pick up something like a super micro X11SCA-F for IPMI support.
I would have to either remove 1 of the M2 drives to connect 2 sata HDDs or add a PCIe card for the SATA Drives (Maybe a RAID Card)

My current setups are
Aorus Z390 Master Mobo
3x Samsung NVME M2 SSD's
2080Ti with AIO cooler

R710 - Esxi
Dual X5660 @ 2.8Ghz
64GB Memery
2 8TB Samsung Ironwolf Sata Drives
Windows Server 2016 Essentials License VM for Plex and Media