HighPoint RR2328 RAID 5 Recovery Help


New Member
Jun 13, 2019
Hi Everyone,

Not extremely experienced with RAID, especially recoveries, but hoping someone might be able to help. This is what happened. This morning I had a drive failure (1-6). I pulled the drive put in a new one I had sitting there and turn everything back on and clicked rebuild and a different drive failed (1-2) during the rebuild.

This really messed things up. Now if I put the original drive (1-6) back in which I do not think is actually bad now it creates a new array since the raid ran without it in for a bit. I cannot rebuild using a new drive because the rebuild fails shortly after starting it because 1-2 keeps failing. If I could get the original drive (1-6) back into the array I think I could pull that truly bad drive out and rebuild the array. The raid did not have any large changes in data when it was running without 1-6 in, but just do not know how to force it to go back into the array. Thoughts and advice?

Right now I can get the array to show up in windows so I have an 8TB drive coming to backup everything to, but still would rather save the array completely if possible.