HGST HUC109060CSS600 convert to IBM branded firmware


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Nov 8, 2021

I have bought a (cheap) IBM Storwize V3700 SFF SAN controller, in the hope that I could just put in a bunch of HGST HUC109060CSS600 drives I already had l on hand. The firmware on the HGST drives are A380 and C430.

I also have some HP branded 300GB 10K SAS - EG0300FCSPH, EG0300FCVBF, EG0300FBVFL....

I have searched this forum and other places for a "How-to-Guide", on how to change/convert the firmware on these drives to IBM branded firmware, so I can use them in the Storwize SAN.

As of now I have testet the drives in the SAN, they all pop up in the management software as Online, Unused - but when I try to add a pool it will fail....
I have also tried to use svctask to update the firmware to the newest IBM using this file storagedisk6099_drive_HDD_20221028. But this also fails, telling me that it is not branded drives....

I have downloaded HUGO but not tried it yet.....

Is HUGO the way to go, to make them IBM drives ????

And what would be a good platform to do it on (Linux, Windows, HBA type etc....) ???


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Apr 5, 2022
I found a tool named Niagara beside Hugo, but i've never touched one of the tools. Probably someone else has better in-depth knowledge.
Beware that you can brick drives in notime with this stuff... better be careful!

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