Help with missing PCIE


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Oct 6, 2019
I'm looking for some Sage words... I recently came across an old Intel S1200BTL Server Board with a E3-1230-V2 CPU... The person that had it said it didn't POST, so I took it home had a looked and swapped out the UDIMM 8GB ECC 1600 DDR3L with a UDIMM 8GB ECC 1600 DDR3 and BOOM it fired up... BONUS upload_2019-10-6_9-53-21.gif or so I thought upload_2019-10-6_9-53-21.gif Now I can replace my storage sever S3200SH, swapped out the boards installed PCIe RAID controller and nothing... Tried the card in all 4 slots (1x16 and 3 x4) nothing, tried a PCIe graphics card from my work machine and my gaming rig still no life... Checked the TPS from INTEL and slots 4,5,6 run off the CPU while slot 3 runs off the Chipset... Any ideas what could cause all the PCIe slots to not see the cards


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Mar 6, 2014
Have you looked at the socket for bent pins? Checked Bios for PCIE options?