Help Needed! Asus P12R-M-10G/2T & Xeon E-2378G POST issues

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Dec 12, 2016
I'm just building this system out and can't seem to get it to POST. First time booting I had 4 sticks of 32GB 4Rx4 PC4-2133P ECC memory and got an error code 53 along with 1 long beep and 2 short beeps which points to a memory issue. Code 53 says incompatible memory. I figured maybe it's having an issue with the quad rank so I put in 4 sticks of 16GB 2Rx8 PC4-2666V ECC memory and I continued getting the same code. At this point I went back to square one and went to 1 stick with nothing else plugged in and was still getting code 53. Then I pulled all the memory out and... still got code 53? No matter what I do I still always get code 53 when no memory should throw code 55 I believe. As soon as the BMC boots it throws the code and I've already tried clearing everything and reseating the CPU. Any ideas?