Help - 24gb of RAM for Intel 3420 GPLX Motherboard


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Nov 17, 2011
Hi All -

I've had the unlucky experience of trying to find compatible RAM to load up my Intel 3420 GPLX Motherboard w/ Xeon 3450 CPU. Basically I need help with finding compatible RAM to load up 24 GB.

Here are the compatible configurations for for this board:

Here is the configuration I want:

I know i need 4GB RDIMM 1066 Dual Rank DIMMS using a chip configuration of 256x8. Can somebody point me to the right ram manufacturer/model?

I've just gone through attempting to buy some 'advertised' compatible RAM off ebay only to have run into a horror story of compatibility issues that have resulted in 3 returns.


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Sep 25, 2011
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Lookig at Lynfield CPU PDF I have:

To get to
24GB = 6x 4GB RDIMMS dual ranked ECC
32GB = 4x 8GB RDIMMS Quad ranked ECC

Other Restrictions:

No support for LV DIMMs

All channels in a system will run at the fastest common frequency

No mixing of registered and unbuffered DIMMs

Mixing ECC and non-ECC UDIMMs is not supported
Just found the PDF it's over here

Now you need to find the RAM applies.
I'm running 4x 4GB UDIMMS on my Xeon X3470, I'm not too worried about ECC.
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Nov 17, 2011
Upon further review it appears that this RAM is probably what i'm looking for:

Samsung - M393B5273BH1-CF8

This is based on the Intel Server Configuration Tool found here:

Seems like the Samsung is some of the only 4GB RDIMMS that are dual ranked, which i'll need to load this up to 24GB.

Looks like i can find this memory for a reasonable price here: