Hardware for OPNsense firewall


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Jul 19, 2022
I need some advice on which hardware to buy for an OPNsense firewall, upstream of a Brocade ICX6610 - so 10G or 40G backbone available. Current WAN is 1Gbps, but that may well go up in future

Its for domestic use, four people, Wireguard in/out to VPS, running OPNsense, Crowdsec, and probably ZenArmor too.

Options are below, RAM and SSD all near-enough the same that they're not parameters in this decision. Bang-for-buck and power efficiency are, though.
  1. m720q with 8100T - £170
  2. m70q with 10300T - £200ish
  3. Acer Aspire XC-1660 with 11400 - £300ish
  4. m70qG2 with 11400T- £300ish
  5. P350 with 11500 - £475
  6. m70qG3 with 12100T -£530
  7. neo50s with 12400 - £590
Which would you go for, and why?


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Jun 7, 2019
I just bought a Dell Wyse 5070 Extended (extended has a PCIe slot) and threw in a NIC. Works great. Box cost $170 on ebay. Looks like the extended version is getting harder to find now though.