Groupware Tine 2.0 for OmniOS (napp-it addon)

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    In the last days I tried to install Tine 2.0 groupware on OmniOS (Have a look on a working demo-version here). Finally I've had success and I've created a new installer script which you can get on As always, the installer-script creates a new BootEnvironment so it will be easy for you to restore the last working state in case of problems.

    - napp-it
    - AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP)

    Tine 2.0 seems to be for free use up to 5 users and includes (every component except addressbook has to be configured after installation, I haven't tested each of it):
    - addressbook (tested)
    - calendar (tested)
    - email (tested)
    - tasks (not tested)
    - ActiveSync (tested, watch out remarks for US-users)
    - filemanager (tested)
    - crm (not tested)
    - sales (not tested)
    - timetracker (not tested)

    Extra packages:
    - human resources (not tested)
    - inventory (not tested)
    - VOIP integration (not tested)

    There are a few more things to do after finishing installation, please follow the instructions listed by the endmessage of the installer-script.
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