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Apr 6, 2015
There's two sellers in my area that don't offer Local Pickup, but are happy to take low(er) best offers on their "Free Shipping" items because shipping across town costs less than shipping across the country.
Makes sense. :p


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Nov 9, 2022
My tip: set up some saved searches for more general terms, and look for mislabeled items, where the listing title is for a less expensive item (and is priced as such), while the picture shows a more expensive item. Just ask the seller if it's the actual picture to make sure that they didn't just copy-paste the wrong thing from google images. A few might catch on, but most will just say "yeah I took the picture myself".

e.g. it's easy for a seller to mix up CRS326-24G-2S+ (~$200) and CRS326-24S+2Q+ (~$600), and price it as the former.

Also look for bundles. Maybe you buy a complete server just for the chassis, because it's the same price, but now you've got some spare components you can sell. Sometimes a bundle (like a fully assembled or barebones system) is cheaper than the single part, because people tend to search for single parts rather than every possible bundle. I got a NIB CSE-745 for $300 because it was being sold as a barebones system.