GPU Passthrough - ESXi 6.7.0 - AMD and NVIDIA

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    Ok confusion abounds when trying to get GPU pass-through to work in a combination of host/guest configs, maybe we can try to simplify things as there is a lot going on. Maybe a few questions with people's experience will help everyone and try to document my experiments along the way.

    Different people have different goals with regards to using a GPU with vmware, but in my case it is to try to expose opencl hardware and acceleration to a linux guest. The following are my settings that are working for an NVIDIA card on xeon CPU/MB platform.

    Hardware Questions / Info:
    - CPU and Motherboard Support
    CPU - Xeon E5-2680v1
    Motherboard - GA7-PESH2​
    - GPUs
    - NVIDIA (consumer)
    - GTX 970 SSC
    Software Questions / Info:
    - Host Platform
    ESXi 6.7.0 (Build 10176752) (vCenter)
    - Host (click on host name)
    - Configure
    - Hardware
    - PCI Devices
    - DirectPath I/O PCI Devices Available to VMs
    - Should show both the graphics card and audio devices with status as "Available"​
    - Graphics
    - Graphics Devices
    - Shows the GPU with Active Type "Direct" and Configured Type "Shared Direct"
    - VMs associated with the graphics device
    - Shows the VM names with the GPU added to the Guest config.​
    - Host Graphics
    - Edit Host Graphics Settings
    - Default Graphics Type - Shared Direct
    - Shared passthrough GPU assignment policy - Spread VMs across GPUs (best performance)​

    - VM Guest Settings (select VM to add the passthrough device with the VM powered off)
    - Click Actions - Edit Settings
    - Click "Add New Device"
    - Select PCI Device and it should automatically add the GPU to the list​
    - Click on Edit Settings
    - Select Advanced
    - Click "Edit Configuration"
    - Add two entries
    1. svga.present FALSE
    2. hypervisor.cpuid.v0 FALSE
    - Power-on the guest
    - Linux Guest Operating System (4.18.0-3-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.18.20-2 (2018-11-23) x86_64 GNU/Linux)
    - "lspci -v -s 13:00.0" (device slot ID) command shows the PCI device and kernel driver and modules associated
    - Guest Drivers
    - NVIDIA
    - kernel driver - nvidia
    - Kernal modules - nouveau, nvidia_drm, nvidia​

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