Going out of business sale for water cooling parts company


Jan 20, 2019
Hi everyone!

So Sidewinder Computers, one of my favorite online sellers for water cooling is going out of business.
I've shopped there for about ten years and I have always had excellent service before and after the sales. They are having a going out of business sale:


The guy who runs it is named Gary and he's really nice. I asked him about shipping to Canada and Europe and here is his reply:

"We do ship to Canada and some select European countries. If there is someone who wants to order and they don't see their country in the list I can add them but would prefer they pay with paypal if possible as we can't verify international Visa/Mastercard to some countries."

He also told me that he is closing shop in about 2 or 3 weeks, so grab what you can while it last. I just dropped another $150 USD for about $400 USD in fittings and other small items that I will need for my build. They also have some air cooling and case modding parts left.


(disclosure) I am in no way affiliated with Sidewinder Computers, I've just always enjoyed their prices and very helpful staff.
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