Gigabyte GA-7PESH onboard LSI SAS2008 not detected?


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Mar 22, 2019
Hello all,

Im having trouble with the board mentioned above. Everything else seems to be working well with it so far. Both CPU's, RAM and USB etc is fine. The SATA ports are working fine also. Im trying to flash the onboard SAS controller to IT mode but I'm having trouble even detecting the the board so far.

I enabled the controller in bios in both places:
  • Chipset > South Bridge, both SCU Devices and Onboard SAS OPRom Driver
  • Advanced > PCI Subsystem Setting, LSI Onboard OPRom
I used a USB Drive flashed with Rufus and made bootable, popped sas2flsh.exe, SMC2008T.bat etc on the drive and tried to use the applications on the board but the 'LSI Corporation SAS2 Flash Utility'...just says 'No LSI SAS Adapters found! Limited Command Set Available!
I tried running it in DOS and UEFI but both say the same thing. Im a little worried that the board is knackered.

The LSI Firmware readiness LED (LED2) is a steady red the whole time when in the manual is only mentions that there is two states available:
Blinking: LSI Firmware is ready
Off: LSI Firmware is not ready
No mention of it being steady on.

Into bios I go and brows to the SAS controller part and I cannot remember exactly what it says but it lists 4 ports and that they are not configured.
I don't have any SAS drives, only SATA ones. I bought the board from the US and imported to the UK so a simple RMA is not possible due to shipping costs so Im determined to try and get the onboard one to work otherwise I will buy a PCI-E one.

I was just wondering if anyone else had been in a similar situation and managed to get the board flashed into IT mode or even a sign that its working/detected?

Many thanks