Future of OmniOS development?

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    Does anyone have any information regarding the OmniOS development?

    I really like OmniOS, but when I read about a year ago that OmniIT was stopping development, I figured it was dead and went looking elsewhere.

    Now I read that there is a new community of developers working on OmniOS, and that new editions are called 'Community Edition' - does anyone have any news to share regarding those developments?

    Any idea how many people are on the dev team?

    Are any companies still offering support contracts?

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    Currently there are mainly two firm from UK and Switzerland with the infrastructure at ETH Z├╝rich behind OmniOS CE. Since the move from OmniTi they switched the LTS and two stables, see Release Notes

    About current release

    The core dev team are two persons with others helping, see omniosorg/Lobby
    Please be aware that the OS development itself is mainly at Illumos (like OpenIndiana). They care about the distribution. Unlike OpenIndiana (pure Illumos), OmniOS adds some virtualisation extensions from SmartOS/Joyent like LX/Linux zones and Bhyve, https://omniosce.org/info/bhyve.

    When OmniTi cared about OmniOS, there were also two main developers

    There is a commercial support option like at former OmniTi and the option to support beeing a Patron
    Commercial Support
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