FS: x12 8TB WD80EMAZ HDD, x6 Dell SM865 1.6TB SSD, Lot of 10 SFP+ Cables (sfp-h10gb-cu3m)


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Jan 4, 2016
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smart info for HDDs: 8tb-smart

smart info for SSDs: 1.6tb-smart

For sale:
  • Western Digital 8TB WD80EMAZ 3.5" HDD, Qty 12 Avail - $120/ea shipped (minimum order of 4)
  • Dell-branded Samsung 1.6TB SM865 / MZ7KM1T6HAJM00D3 2.5" SSD, Qty 6 Avail - $150/ea shipped (minimum order of 2)
  • Lot of 10 Cisco SFP+ Cables SFP-H10GB-CU3M Model (varying revisions in lot) - $80 shipped
The 8TB drives are pulled from Best Buy WDeasystore enclosures, these retail for $199 and go on sale sometimes, but I haven't seem any lately. I believe based on ebay my price is fair but feel free to make an offer. I do have all of the original enclosures and boxes but prefer not to ship them if possible. I can give them to you if you do local pick up. This should be common knowledge by now but WD cannot enforce warranty denial due to shucking of drives. Also there are reports around of people sending in shucked drives and getting replacements back no problem even fully enclosed as if they were new.

The Samsung drives are over-provisioned mixed use/write intensive SSDs with 520/480 R/W speeds and 10 DWPD endurance.

Everything is tested working. PM with any questions. Cross-posted on homelabsales under dajinn.
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