EU FS: [UK] Xeon Platinum 8180

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    New, still sealed. From HP. HP usually uses just a small amount of bubble wrap to send CPUs, so I'd prefer to open the box just to check that it looks fine prior to sending. It doesn't rattle, so I think it'll be fine.

    £5k delivered to UK. +£50 to post to EU countries.

    UK probably sent by UPS or DPD - most likely DPD. Can obviously use Special Delivery if you'd prefer.

    EU sent via ... err... I'm not quite sure! I'm guessing UPS, DHL, DPD or similar - depends what their prices & options are.

    Payment by either bank transfer (preferred), or alternatively credit/debit card via my Monzo link. I'll *only* deal with people who have a good posting history here/elsewhere which suggests a person of good repute.

    Yes, I'm new on STH - I've only browsed prior to now. I have the same username on Reddit if you want to decide whether I'm at all trustworthy through my posting history there.

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