EU [FS] Quanta LB6M, 2x Catalyst 3750-E 24TD-S, 1x 3750G-24TS

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    Hey Guys,

    I am finally selling my Quanta LB6M and three CISCO Switches. Since I moved back to germany, these energy prices are killing me and I need to make my lab more energy efficient. I have also posted all items on the German Website ebay-kleinanzeigen. I will link that for pictures.

    Willing to ship inside EU, but the seller is paying the shipping cost.
    I accept Wire transfer and Paypal - buyer pays Paypal fees.
    B/C I am German, just want to state this is private sale, no warranty, no returns.

    If you want pictures, or outputs, let me know, I'll hook them up.

    1) LB6M asking 250 EUR
    I guess no description necessary - except the handle on one of the PSUs is broken and the rackears are slightly bend (but fully operational). The Switch is quite heavy and was probably always mounted just on those front ears.
    Link: Quanta LB6M 24x10GBE SFP
    2) 2 x 3750E 24-TD-S. 125 each.
    I love them, but I bought a 48 port switch, so they have to go. These babys can do 10GBE on the uplink ports - fitted are 1G modules. I can have a look if I have one or two of these 10g Modules left.
    One is running IOS 15, the other 12.
    Link:2x CISCO Catalyst 3750-E 24TD-S

    3) 1 x 3750G-24TS 75 EUR
    This thing has a modded fan, to be more quiet. I will have to hook it up again, cuz its been ages since I used it.
    Link:CISCO 3750G-24TS
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