FS: Pair of E5-2660 CPU's, Dual Socket Board, 32 GB of DDR3


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Jun 21, 2018
Hello all!

I'm been a long time sleeper in this forum and have recently performed a server upgrade and would glady hand this off to the next server enthusiast!


(In the continental US)

I have a pair of E5-2660 CPUs for sale that seem to be the "siliconlottery" type of chips! Had marvelous performance from these chips and think its time they find a new home rather than sit in a board! I will include the motherboard which is an Inventec B810 G2, which includes a 10Gb NIC built in. It does not however support ANY Windows installations unless you install a hypervisor of some kind. I will also include the 32 GB of DDR3 ECC memory and the heatsinks for the board (It is narrow ILM).

I'm looking for about $300 for it all (Both CPU's, Board, Heatsinks, and RAM)

Comment or PM your offers/trades!


I will accept trades of:

- E5-2680 V2 CPU's or higher! (****)

- 16 GB ECC DDR3 DIMMs (*)

- Low end GT or Quadro cards such as GT 1030's, GT 730's etc (**)

- PCI-E Based SSD's such as Fusion-IO Drives or similar (***)
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