FS: Misc Cpu's and Supermicro Parts

Marshall Simmons

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Feb 18, 2015
Hey Everyone.

I've got a bunch of Supermicro parts and some CPU's that I'd like to get rid of. I'm not trying to make a profit off of these, but I don't want to get screwed. I honestly don't know what most of these parts are worth so everything is best offer. I'll put some prices on them to follow the rules, but I honestly want these things gone.

2 Intel 5650 cpus $60 each SOLD
4 Intel 5540 cpus $?

1 LSI 9220-8i flashed to IT mode. $70 (this has a low profile bracket) SOLD

2 Supermicro 3.5 inch drive sleds $5 total
1 Supermicro PSW-920P-1R power supply $50
1 Supermicro PSW-1k41P-1R power supply $50

1 Supermicro 2 slot hostswap 2.5 in drive caddy with sata to molex adapter (this fits in the back of some Supermicro chassis to give you 2 2.5 inch hotswap drives) $?

1 Supermicro 8XDTI-F motherboard $70
2 Supermicro SNK-P0036A4 (2u with fan 1366 heatsinks) $30
* The motherboard , heatsinks and 5650's are currently together. I'm happy to split apart, or sell as a group)

2 Supermicro SNK-P0040AP4 (4u with fan 1366 heatsinks) $40 (these are surprisingly quiet)

Please make offers on this stuff. I really want it all gone!

*Also looking for an air shroud for an SC216 chassis if anyone has one.

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