FS Intel CPUs (LGA 3647 & 2011-3) & More


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May 12, 2016
Hi everyone, I recently had some life events come up and need to sell some things.

I have the following for sale:

1 Intel QL1K (LGA 3647, 24c/48t @ 1.8ghz): $200
1 Supermicro SNK-P0070APS4: $60
I'd like to sell the two as a deal if possible, $240 shipped for the two if someone would want

2 Intel 2658v3/SR1XV CPUs (lga 2011-3 12c/24t @ 2.0ghz - with a motherboard patch can sustain much higher clicks, I think I had @ or close to 3 ghz 24/7): $170 each
1 ASUS Z10PA-D8 (Dual lga 2011-3 motherboard): $300
2 Hyper 212 Coolers (maybe evos): $15 each
I'd like to sell these as a group as they worked well together, so $580 for all 5 items shipped

I also have one QH2M (2011-3, 14c/28t @ 2.1ghz): $140

All have been tested & are in a very good working condition. Kind of rough time to have to sell, but hey that's life. I'll ship USPS, Paypal G&S is good with me for payments. Located in Florida.
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