FS E5-2670, RAM, Infiniband stuff

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J Hart

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Apr 23, 2015
I'm moving to China for a few months and won't be around to play with lab equipment. Decided I should clean out some equipment as I won't have a chance to fool around with it while away.

Computer parts: From my S2600CP based machine, motherboard died and I decided I didn't really need that much power at home. I have tested all of the following in my work machine with mprime and memtest and found no problems.

2x E5-2670 v1 CPUs SR0KX pair $100 ea or $200 together
128GB (16*8GB 2Rx4 DDR3L Nanya 10600R) ECC RAM $20 each or $288 for all

1x RMM4 lite module for S2600CP or others in the same family. Lets you do remote access with this sort of Intel Mobo. The lite one doesn't have another ethernet port and piggy backs on one of the other ports $35

I also have the case a P4308XXMGHC, power supplies and such. Everything there works, but shipping it might get expensive. Make me an offer if you really want it.

Infiniband stuff: From a lab setup I fooled with for a couple months. Everything plays nice together under linux with Infiniband. Never tried to get it working under Windows or anything else.

7x MHQH29B-XSR Mellanox ConnectX-2 Dual port QDR Infiniband adaptors (Rev A1). There is an off chance you might be able reflash these to change the Infiniband to something else like 40GB ethernet, I never tried and don't know if you can. XSR means short brackets. These came from Sun/Oracle so have a part number of 375-3606-03. $25 each.

8x QDR-QDR cables lets just say they are generic Twinax cables. Also from Sun originally, but I don't remember what they self identify as Molex or Amphenol or something. $20 ea OBO.

1x Voltaire 4036. 36 port QDR Infiniband switch. Has a builtin subnet manager so you don't have to fool around with that. Big, heavy, beastly and loud. It has a ding in the back where someone banged it. Works fine as long as you put it somewhere where you don't have to listen to its quad jet engine fans. $180

I am open to offers if you want to combine some of this. I can also send pictures if you need.