EU FS : Chassis 1U Supermicro CSE-815TQ-600CB

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Sep 23, 2015
Paris, France

I have 2 of them.
- The first is completely new in original opened box.
- The second is new but was tested for a week with an X9DRD-EF (come in original box too)

Theses chassis have all accessories, rails that come with it.

You can have specifications here : Supermicro | Products | Chassis | 1U | SC815TQ-600CB

Why i sell them ?
- The first chassis was for a server, i had issues with the motherboard that i never received. After that i aborted this project and i don't need anymore this chassis
- I have all parts for filling the second chassis, but i choose to move to a 2U chassis.

I ask 350€/ea + shipping (need to quote shipping cost)

Contact me in PM if interrested.

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