[FS] AW7916-NPD: WIFI6E Hardware AP Mode NIC

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Jan 21, 2022
I have a few brand new AsiaRF AW7916-NPD WiFi6E 3000 802.11ax AP Mode Enabled NICs that I'm looking to sell. Good if you're looking to build an access point/router with hostapd/building an opensource router. They support Wifi 6E and the 802.11ax standard. They have 3 transmit and 3 receive streams on the 5/6ghz channels. The card actually has 2 chips in it which allows it to operate in 2.4 & 5/6ghz mode at the same time (dual concurrent mode) effectively acting as 2 wifi cards at once.

Looking for $65, free shipping to the lower 48.

wireless nic-small.jpg
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