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Discussion in 'FreeBSD and FreeNAS' started by ZILoBeast, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Hello everybody,

    I have successfully built my own NAS server and installed freenas on it.

    But now I have some questions I’d like to be answered before I configure my server.

    1. I’ve read about HDD standby now I’d like to know if my HDDs go into standby, can freenas or zfs still check if bits have flipped (better said, can zfs still check My data for integrity)
    2. Can I also set the whole System into sleep mode but still have the feature of data integrity ?

    Also I’d like to know, is there any option to check :

    a) how much wattage my system uses ? I calculated with idle values but I don’t know if my calculation is correct or not.

    b) can I check if the system does recognize my RAM is reg ECC ? The manufacturer says that only some cpus allow reg ecc and i only want to check it.

    Thanks for Your help
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    Last time I looked freenas didn't have an easy way to check this (but I'm mostly a linux bod so happy for someone to correct me). Thankfully ECC is a hardware function so the OS shouldn't really matter so, in true when-all-you-have-is-a-hammer fashion, it's a relatively simple matter to boot up a freenas box with a bootable linux distro and use lm-sensors or edac-util to check this;
    effrafax@wug:~# dmidecode --type memory|grep -i ecc
            Error Correction Type: Multi-bit ECC
    effrafax@wug:~# edac-util -v
    mc0: 0 Uncorrected Errors with no DIMM info
    mc0: 0 Corrected Errors with no DIMM info
    mc0: csrow0: 0 Uncorrected Errors
    mc0: csrow0: mc#0csrow#0channel#0: 0 Corrected Errors
    mc0: csrow0: mc#0csrow#0channel#1: 0 Corrected Errors
    mc0: csrow1: 0 Uncorrected Errors
    mc0: csrow1: mc#0csrow#1channel#0: 0 Corrected Errors
    mc0: csrow1: mc#0csrow#1channel#1: 0 Corrected Errors
    edac-util: No errors to report.
    ...or of course memtestx86+ should also detect and verify whether ECC is running or not, and hopefully the BIOS will also let you know whether or not the memory is running in ECC mode.
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