Flashing 9207 LSI Card IT Mode

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    Hey all. After tons of searching I cant seem to quite figure out how exactly to flash my LSI 9207 (2308) to IT Mode. The NAS server its running in is freenas based. It is a PCIe based card so its not on the mobo. Do I load the efi and rom to a flash drive and boot from there. Or is it more complicated. If there is a straight forward walkthrough could someone point me in the right direction? Help is appreciated!
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    Have you checked the current firnmware?
    9207 comes with IT firmware per default (9217 is the same adapter with IR firmware as default).

    About reflash, see http://www.napp-it.org/doc/downloads/flash_lsi_sas.pdf

    It does not matter if the HBA is a pci-e card or onboard. They behave the same
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    if you're just flashing a card that already has IT mode firmware to the latest, or your just adding the BIOS ROM or UEFI, you don't need do it in DOS. You can use either a Windows or Linux version of the sas2flash utility and the appropriate firmware and BIOS/UEFI file. The commands are:

    for the firmware flash:

    sas2flash -c <your controller #> -f 9207-8.bin

    for the bios flash:

    sas2flash -c <controller #> -b mptsas2.rom

    for the uefi flash:

    sas2flash -c <controller #> -b x64sas2.rom

    or you can combine them like:

    sas2flash -c <controller #> -f 9207-8.bin -b mptsas2.rom -b x64sas2.rom

    If you need to do an erase, or perhaps need to muck with the SBR, then you need to do it in DOS or the EFI shell. There are other tools that work at OS level, but they require more complicated steps like unloading the driver, putting the card in reset mode, and then booting the card with firmware, etc., but it's just easier to do in DOS or EFI shell.
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    thanks Blinux, what a clear and perfect explanation! I had flashed lsi in windows many times, but this was my first in freebsd (and i rather do it in efi shell than via the OS, even though i know its the same thing).

    btw, below is really for my own records locally, but figured i would share.

    vkvm recording of all the LSI 2308 cards in IT mode bios options / settings (its a 9207-8e) , with the help explanations .

    pt2 i left one out:

    and the efi shell flashing process..

    in case anyone wanted to see this, pause video where needed to read. they are unlisted YT vids so u or others will need the direct links above

    also hats off to LSI for putting nice help screens / clear explanations. most help info in any HW's bios is TOTAL, unmitigated, gArBage...
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