Flash IBM 12Gb/s 3108 Chipset ( P/N: 46C9111 ) to LSI 9361-8i??

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May 29, 2020
San Jose, CA
I've tried the IBM Version of the same 9361-8i Chipset (3108) in a Supermicro server and it doesn't work. The Controller didn't even come up when trying to boot up to flash it. ( P/N: 46C9111 )
Anyone got any trick to flashing this to be able to recognize it in anything other than an IBM server?


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Jan 26, 2022
  1. Is this a motherboard where the PCIe slot you are using shares lanes with another slot and can get no lanes depending on what else is installed?
  2. Is the PCIe slot set correctly for bifurcation (i.e., none)?
  3. After all this, is the PCIe slot getting at least x8 lanes? The card should work when getting fewer, but you really don't want to hobble it.
  4. Is the PCIe slot set for Legacy or UEFI boot? With Legacy, you should see the ROM messages on the screen but won't be able to configure it. With UEFI, you'll see nothing during boot other than "DXE-AHCI initialization", and it will take longer than if you don't have the card installed. Then, you can go to the UEFI BIOS setup (Advanced tab) to configure the card.