flash a Lenovo 530-8i to a 9440-8i

Anthony A

New Member
Apr 12, 2018
Hi Guys,

I found some older threads that indicate its possible to flash a Lenovo Raid back into its original LSI?

this is fairly newer anybody is aware the procedure will work? (its a lenovo 530-8i eqiv to LSI9440)

We are trying to make them work in other systems than Lenovo and are realizing that there is not way to get into the bios of the card to manage the Card (except once windows is installed)

I did find on Lenovo website that the card is configurable through "UEFI Human Interface Infrastructure (HII)" - but i have no idea how to get to it.

Johan Brems

New Member
Jun 6, 2018
Also a long time reader but never registered but seeing this topic made me register.

I also have 530-8i available, if some can guide me to the files or something to flash it that would be a huge help