Feature Request: more syntax highlighting choices for [code] blocks


H̸̖̅ȩ̸̐l̷̦͋l̴̰̈ỏ̶̱ ̸̢͋W̵͖̌ò̴͚r̴͇̀l̵̼͗d̷͕̈
Jul 15, 2018
It would be really nice to have more languages as options for the code block plugin. The only options right now are HTML and PHP, and I don't think there are many of us posting examples of either ;-). I'm particularly interested in shell code or bash as an option, but if you're taking the time to include new languages you might as well go whole-hog and include a bunch.

How are you handling code block syntax highlighting now? It looks sort of like you're using the GeSHi plugin but without more information I can't be sure.

There's some discussion on the topic here:
Syntax Highlighting in XF 2

I'd be happy to do some research on the topic if you like, but I don't know much about XenForo and version compatibility for these addons.
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