Fan speed control on supermicro X12

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Kai Li

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Jan 5, 2022
I try to lower the fan threshhold on my X12 and I foud “ipmitool sensor thresh” command does not work anymore, anyone figure out how to lower the fan threshhold on the newer boards?


Oct 28, 2021
I know this is an old post, but there's a dearth of posts on this site regarding X12 board fan management, so I'm replying here and necro'ing this thread to keep the info consolidated. A search engine query on this site for "X12 fan control" pulls up this thread near the top.

... my X12
“ipmitool sensor thresh” command does not work
SMCIPMITool 2.25.0
  1. Which motherboard model, specifically?
  2. Almost all X12 boards use the ASPEED AST2600 BMC chipset. A few use AST2500. Some do not have BMC chips at all.
  3. SMCIPMITool is a proprietary Supermicro IPMI tool used for out-of-band server BMC configuration. Are you sure that's what you wanted to use? An out-of-band tool? I'm asking because generally speaking, if you're using an out-of-band tool it implies you're not physically near the server, at which point why would you be trying to tweak the fans? How would you garner feedback regarding the success or failure of your adjustments or attempt at adjustments if you're not physically next near it?
  4. Supermicro also has a proprietary in-band IPMI tool called IPMICFG. I would consider trying that.
  5. IPMItool is an open-source tool available on Linux platforms. IMHO, this would be your best bet. There are a few threads on this site with tips on how to use it per your intentions described in your original posts.
  6. All of these tools must be run as root (Linux) or admin (DOS/Windows).
  7. Simple explanation of in-band versus out-of-band IPMI access: In band and Out of Band Network Management : Detailed Comparison » Network Interview
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