Fan controllers

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Jun 30, 2022
OK, so I'm messing about with old hardware for the learning. I fully intend to get a second user more recent entry level server and build a TrueNAS box with it.

I have a Dell Poweredge T605 with 32Gb of RAM and dual Opteron 2352s. Decided it'll be an interim NAS running Ubuntu and Greyhole in the interim

It's very loud because BMC fan control is rubbish to say the least. Reading old posts on Dell forum, it's a known problem that Dell never fixed afaik. It was marketed as being quiet and able to be sited in office etc.

atm, because of arthritis, would have to work on it in the house rather than workshop/lab and it's far too loud for that.

I've looked into using a fan controller but most are not fit for my needs. T605's fans draw a lot of power, far more than most budget fan controllers can deal with.

Noctua NA-FC1 looks like an acceptable solution.

I wondered if people might have some insight re fan controllers and blowymatrons?