ESXi and *non*-ZFS fileserver reccos?


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Dec 5, 2014
I'm leaning heavily against ZFS largely because I don't want to be "stuck" with needing to use all the same sized disks plus my workloads (home fileserver for storing media and desktop/laptop backups) don't really require the kind of "real time" raid support something like ZFS provides.

I'm looking more towards something like snapraid on debian... maybe media vault. The key point is, I'd like to keep the file server VM reasonably lean as I plan to run a small handful of "functional" VMs to hold things like media browser and maybe a minecraft server for my kid.

Right now I'm thinking of deploying one of the following under ESXi (note: I have a haswell-based xeon with IO-passthru supported by the MB):

1) I have an old WHS v1 cd laying around I could use.
2) Raw debian/ubuntu w snapraid
3) OpenMedia Vault w snapraid plugin
4) I've been using vortex box for years so that's an option as well.