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    Hello everybody ,
    since I am na new user I need some advices and help about what setup to use.
    I will use ESXI 6.0 Dell image from support page for server.
    Server is Dell R710 2xE5520 Xeon , 32GB DDR3, perc 6i RAID and 8x2.5 HDD slots , what I need is to run ESXI on this server with 4 Ubuntu servers 14.04 or 16.04 (no GUI).Servers will be running 24/7 , mirror 1 for safety reasons and I need some more backup just in case, only fore some files from servers if possible or just whole systems . I do not need top performance , because SSD are to fast for Perc 6 but that is ok at moment . Maybe later I get PERC H700 controller.
    I have tried two Kingston SA400 SSD 2x120gb in raid 1 and they work fine, but I fell that is not optimal. I will buy all new SSDs for this.
    Idea is to have one SSD 60-120GB for ESXI(not think of using USB for that) and I will buy cheapest with 3y warranty and take two SSDs probably intel 512gb 545s(cheapest with 5y warranty that I could find here) for raid 1 to install VMs on them . But what to use for back up and how to set up I am not sure.

    All ideas and help are welcomed.
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