[ESX 7.0]Internet not working anymore after VeeAM backup of PFSense

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Dec 29, 2019
I am running a ESX 7 server with a couple of VM's. I also use vCenter and VeeAM. Running on a SM X9SRL-F, 2690V2, 192GB and and SSD at the moment. Will transfer to synology connect by a 10Gbit Mellanox (SCSI).

My problem is when i create a backup of my PFSense VM, after 20 minutes (give of take) my internet isn't working anymore. PFSense isn't showing any problems, but nothing with regards to internet works anymore. After i reboot the PFSense VM everything is working fine again. My vCenter is showing some alerts but not really sure what to do with those:

PSC Service Health
vCenter Stats Monitor Service Health Alarm
vAPI Endpoint Service Health Alarm

I have installed the open VMware Tools package on my PFSense.

I have got a feeling that the problem is either the VM Tools or the fact that i use vmtools quiescence (as part of the VeeAM backup).
The is the only VM with this problem, i have other Windows and Linux VM's (Sophos, DC's, Exchange etc.)

Any ideas?

P.S. I have converted my whole setup from Hyper-V to ESX. So i haven't seen this problem before even though the setup isn't new.
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Nov 8, 2015
How is your pfsense setup.. specifically the network cards. I have the exact same setup, I have 2 vsphere servers, both on HP DL360pG8s, and also using Veeam, and I don't have any issues. I should note that my pfsense instance is on my 6.7, I just updated vcenter to 7, I have not moved my pfsense instance to the 7 server yet because the newer DL360 only has 2 intel 10gb flexlom cards, I need to move over the 4port gig pci card.

There are warnings about updating from 6.7 to 7 which is why it's still running on 6.7

My pfsense has 2 ports of the 4 port card passed through, 1 port connects to my FIOS ONT directly, the other is a spare, and 1 VMX3 nic connected to a distributed switch, which has a 10G uplink to my ICX 6610 switch. I have no issues with my backups.


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Aug 17, 2016
I know this doesnt help you, but I have two pfSense VMs running on vSphere 7, and backed up weekly by Veeam. I have not seen this problem at all.