Ebay has introduced tax for many states, what todo if you use a service like shipitto to ship to EU?


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Jul 2, 2014
Stavanger, Norway
I see that everything I buy on Ebay comes with tax now, this is a ~10% additional expense for me. I use a service called JetCarrier that ships to Norway, which gives me a US address . With this address, buying stuff from Ebay has been a great experience. Now I would like to avoid paying this tax, with minimum amount of work. Anyone here with good advice of what I could do?


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Jan 6, 2016
B&H and a few other sellers now are also collecting tax, sadly I guess we start to see the end of avoiding sales taxes in USA.

I have a long time used shipito as for me they have been great but I never used their tax free states warehouse as shipping was so much more.


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Jan 26, 2014
Have you tried talking to the forwarding company? They may have a way to deal with it.
I would assume, that since you are exporting the goods that you somehow are eligible for sales tax reimbursement.

I don't know JetCarrier but some forwarders also helps you pay VAT in advance (so local post services won't have to), given that, I don't think it is a stretch that a forwarder like that can help you with the sales tax reimbursement as well.

Of course I may be completely wrong in my assumptions, so good luck trying to figure it all out.

Personally, I try to use eBay's Global Shipping Program whenever ordering from eBay, it isn't perfect but it is frequently better than the local services.